SOLIDWORKS for Electrical Engineers

SOLIDWORKS for Electrical Engineers

Modern product design requires engineers and designers to span the divide between mechanical and electrical design in order to create smart, connected products that consumers demand. SOLIDWORKS has developed an ecosystem of solutions that facilitate the design of these products by enabling collaboration across disciplines. SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PCB take collaboration with SOLIDWORKS to the next level, making it simple to design your products from start to finish.


Learn how you can harness the power of the SOLIDWORKS Mechanical | Electrical SOLIDWORKS Ecosystem, which includes:

  • Highlights of multiple industries using SOLIDWORKS Ecosystem tools to design tomorrow’s products today. 
  • SOLIDWORKS PCB streamlines design change integration between electronics and mechanical design teams, keeping everyone in sync.
  • Leverage SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics to detail the connections of the PCB and other electrical devices with powerful reporting and design tools.
  • Create electrical wire and cable design concurrently with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, to bridge 2D schematics to SOLIDWORKS 3D and automate route creation.
  • Explore the latest functionality in the growing SOLIDWORKS ecosystem.

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Jeremy Regnerus Jeremy Regnerus Senior Product Introduction Manager SOLIDWORKS
Megan  Duane Megan Duane Senior Solutions Consultant
Yan  Killy Yan Killy Senior Solutions Consultant
Eric  Leafquist Eric Leafquist Senior Product Portfolio Manager
Vance Martin Vance Martin Senior Product Portfolio Manager
Josh Moore Josh Moore Senior Product Portfolio Manager